INSPIRE: A course designed to empower teachers to consistently provide outstanding learning experiences. The training will provide practical resources to use in the classroom to challenge, engage and motivate students to reach their maximum potential. A main element of the programme will focus on the idea of student ownership and independence and consider the skills students need to demonstrate and evaluate their own progress.

The INSPIRE focus areas

INCLUSIVE – Focusing on how to make sustained progress for all abilities through differentiation and varying   methods of teaching.

NORM – Delivering ways to make teaching and learning consistently excellent and forming habits to   maintain a strong psyche.

SMART – Being adaptable and emotionally intelligent.

PROGRESS – Evidencing progress within lessons and over time. Also, showing progress through skills and        activities.

INDEPENDENCE – Empowering student ownership of their own learning through facilitating lessons including coaching and questioning strategies for students.

REFLECTIVE – Reviewing and monitoring performance in relation to academic performance and attitude to   learning to ensure that maximum potential is achieved.

ENGAGING – Providing relevant ways to motivate and challenge students to want to succeed.

Course Outline
  • 1-Day training programme (9am – 4pm, includes lunch)
  • Online support
  • Free resources
  • Personalised programme
  • Consolidation session
Who is suited to this session?

This course would be suitable for all teachers but especially for those wanting to provide outstanding learning experiences for students on a consistent basis with the ultimate aim of making this the ‘norm’ in the lessons they teach.

Delegates will be provided with theory based proven methods and practical resources to increase motivation and student ownership within lessons that can increase variety and show progress of all students.

‘’I feel like the INSPIRE programme pushes you to better yourself. Whenever I am struggling to find ideas or need some form of inspiration I will refer back to my file and each time my   problem is solved by something I learnt from the programme. It is very rare we have time to reflect and share ideas/resources and this is certainly another positive aspect of it. I would definitely recommend.’’ – Amy Smith, Geography Teacher

A chance to self reflect:

The course is a chance for teachers to reflect on their current practice and to focus on improving the       INSPIRE areas in order to create a superb learning culture within their teaching to secure student     progress.

School based suggestions:

It is advised that the teachers attending this course should have a trusted school based critical colleague throughout the programme to aid progression and share learning.

Online support:

There will be internet based support during the programme and it is also advised that teachers should film a lesson experience to use to self reflect on their strengths and areas for development.

Delegate Rate

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