LGBT+ Training for Secondary School Staff

Prestented by Kate Hutchinson from Diversity Role Models

Inspire your pupils to recognise, challenge and prevent gender and sexuality-based discrimination as well as to create an inclusive environment for their peers.


This half-day course focuses on how to begin to examine LGBT+ issues with your pupils.  You will learn how to encourage your students to explore stereotypes and address any misconceptions around gender through storey-telling, critical thinking and discussions.

You will also look at:

  • How to adapt policies so they support students and staff, as well as meeting Ofsted/ISI requirements.
  • What HBT language and bullying is and strategies for preventing bullying, and how to embed empathy and kindness.
  • Action planning to create LGBT+ inclusive curriculum and lessons.
  • How to mitigate bias and challenge stereotypes in lessons and displays.
  • Awareness of transgender issues and ways to ensure your school meets the needs of all students in a practical and proactive way.
  • How to embed inclusion into interactions with parents and students.

If your school is interested in accessing this training then please complete a booking form and return to or contact  01942 40 30 50 for further details.

Course Booking Form