Cost: £189pp, includes lunch, resources and certificate

Nurturing resilience is a complex process that takes time and understanding.  High levels of resilience can form part of a  protective barrier around us.  It can help to increase competence and confidence.

This course will take you through the complex skills that make up ‘resilience’.  It will help you develop methods to increase levels and create more robust children/young people, and staff.  It will also consider that while ‘resilience development’ has the potential to work for many if supported by effective teaching methods, there are a few individuals that may not be able to  develop resilience.  Helping those few to acquire a protective barrier around them requires knowledge of different coping strategies, some of which form part, but not all, of the elements of resilience.  

During the day you will:

  • Have a clear view of what resilience is and where this approach has come from? 
  •  Understand the research behind resilience as a protective factor, and its limitations. 
  • Unpick the processes that are required to achieve a healthy level of ‘resilience’.
  • Learn how to foster and develop resilience through teaching methods and everyday life in school.
  • Consider the impact the school ethos, our disposition and learning difficulties can have on the potential to develop resilience.
  • Increase the opportunity for the whole school community to develop skills required for a healthy level of competence and confidence.


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