Who is it for?

All school staff are welcome – Headteachers, SLT, Teachers, Support Staff & Trainees.

· You do not use Excel very often and would like to learn more in order to improve your performance and efficiency at work.

This 2-hour module is designed for you if:

· You use Excel for a particular task but would like to know more about other functions in order to support your job role.

· You require the use of Excel for certain aspects of your job role.

As a delegate on this training you will be provided with the  opportunity to learn about:

· Controlling and navigating large spreadsheets

· Protecting the integrity of sheets

· Connecting to external sheets and files

· Highlighting data with Conditional formatting tools

· You will have the opportunity to ask questions about any  specific problems you may have.

Activities include:

· Freezing sheets

· Protecting sheets and Workbooks

· Relative and Absolute references recap

· More advanced functions

· Linking worksheets and Files

· Overview of Conditional Formatting


To book, simply complete a booking form using the link:

Course Booking Submission Form

Alternatively, email: trainingsuite@rlt.education