Cost: £189pp, includes lunch, resources and certificate

Presented by Dr Sam Littlemore

What is the aim of the course?

  • To offer your school a bespoke package which will include;
  • Increasing understanding, strategies and creating more effective anti-bullying policies
  • Identifying the motivations and complexities of girl bullying
  • Exploring and explaining the roles played by all pupils in fueling and flaming girl bullying
  • Considering the impact on the whole-school
  • Discussing the imperative role that your school’s anti-bullying policy can play in helping to reduce and capture indirect bullying
  • Mapping the links and social behaviours that are reflected in Cyberbullying, and surprisingly different
  • Clarification on the power games based on conditional friendship and social hierarchies
  • Recognising and managing new trends in your school
  • Capturing the essence of indirect bullying in your school to help you develop bespoke strategies and policies to reduce bullying and help to increase healthier social, and academic confidence of pupils involved in bullying incidents

What will the course achieve?

  • Unpick the intricacies of girl bullying issues within your school
  • Identify the difference between a fall-out and bullying
  • Recognise the power games of the girl bullying which include manipulating others, ostracism and social humiliation
  • Examine the ‘collateral’ of girl bullying
  • Discuss the impact and insidious nature of cyber bullying, explore how to reduce the participation factor
  • Plan bespoke anti-bullying strategies targeting your case studies and a whole-school approach
  • Supporting the bullied , challenging bullying behaviours, changing bullying behaviour, raising self-esteem, parental engagement, team work

Delegates will participate in and receive:

  • Guidance of creating an anti-bullying school policy with the essential focus of the complex elements of girl bullying in your school.
  • Strategies for targeting social, cognitive and behavioural approaches to tacking girl bullying amongst your pupils.
  • Delegate file including CPD certificate, case studies and advice on creating an all-encompassing


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