Cost: £189pp, includes lunch & resources

Prestented by Kate Hutchinson from Diversity Role Models

Inspire your pupils to celebrate diversity, challenge and prevent gender and sexuality-based discrimination and to create a safe and welcoming school environment for their peers and themselves.


This training focuses on how to begin to explore LGBT+ issues with your pupils in a primary and secondary settling.  You will explore age appropriate ways of discussing these issues, such as by examining diverse families and showing the fundamental similarities that exists between all families, regardless of how they look from the outside.  You will learn how to introduce terms and definitions for lesbian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual and transgender, as well as how to use these words in the correct context.  You will discover how to discuss with older children how homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language can impact on other people and how to challenge this language if heard.  You will also learn how to encourage pupils to explore stereotypes and address any misconceptions around gender through storey-telling, critical thinking and discussions. This will enable you to feel competent and confident in talking about gender identity and sexual orientation.

You will also look at:

Þ How to adapt policies so they support pupils and staff, as well as meeting Ofsted/ISI requirements.

Þ What ‘HBT’ language and bullying is and strategies for preventing bullying, and how to embed empathy and kindness.

Þ Action planning to create LGBT+ inclusive curriculum and lessons.

Þ How to mitigate bias and challenge stereotypes in lessons and displays.

Þ Awareness of  transgender issues and ways to ensure your school meets the needs of all pupils in a practical and proactive way.

Þ How to embed inclusion into interactions with parents and pupils.

During the session you will examine situations which may arise in your school and how to deal with them in a compassionate and child centered way.

There will be opportunity to share good practice with colleagues from across the region and discuss ways your school can meet the needs of your pupils.


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