Stress & Wellbeing in the workplace

 £85pp including resources, refreshments and lunch.

This programme tackles the management of stress in the workplace from a very individual perspective.

It’s highly practical and delegates will come away with a full understanding of what causes their stress, a personalised tool kit of activities to combat the effects of stress and how to prevent unwanted stress in the future.

The programme is designed to be as interactive and engaging as possible allowing participants to explore their world of stress. All learning styles are incorporated into the programme.

Course Materials & Handouts:

 All participants will be provided with a copy of the slides used,  a personal workbook, supporting programme notes and reference materials to access on line.  These can be provided either in hard copy on the day or can be e-mailed directly to participants in electronic form.

Learning Outcomes:

 At the end of this training programme participants will be able to :

  • Identify symptoms/behaviours of stress
  • Recognise symptoms/behaviours of stress, depression, burn-out and rust-out
  • Gather information to assist with stress
  • Examine the effects stress can have on the human body
  • Identify support mechanisms to deal with stress

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A word on the facilitator:

Sarah Goodfellow FCIPD, FiLM, FITOL, MFHT

Our facilitator for the Stress &   Wellbeing Courses combines more than 25 years experience of        delivering  management & leadership training courses with 9 years as a practising  holistic therapist.

Both these areas of expertise come together to create a unique experience when delivering our range of Stress & Wellbeing Courses.

Sarah  is a highly experienced and professional facilitator who combines her years of leading training functions with the empathy to understand the impact the pressures which can stress in individuals.
Sarah has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management where she specialised in Whole Brain Learning & NLP as well as Holistic Qualifications.

Available dates:

All training runs from 9am until 4pm -
Lunch and refreshments are provided.
Delegates are also encouraged to bring
along a soft pillow and blanket

Sarah Goodfellow